Oil-free screw air compressor

  • 超静音
    Low noice

    Using effective noise control technology, the noise is reduced by 50-10 decibels compared with the whole machine of the same power.

  • 智能控制
    Oil-free and environmentally friendly

    Use water as a lubricating medium to avoid environmental pollution.

  • 一体式
    Low maintenance cost

    Replace lubricating oil with water, save the replacement cost of lubricating oil, only need to replace the water filter and air filter, to achieve low-cost maintenance costs;

  • 优质电器件
    Intelligent control operating system

    Intelligent panel operating system, easy to operate, can display multiple functions, and can realize computer/mobile remote monitoring.

  • 变频空压机
  • High-quality "hot selection" products

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    • Brand advantage

      Jempa Air Compressor is one of the pioneers of oil-free air compressors in China, focusing on the brand manufacturer of silent oil-free air compressors. Eliminated the traditional high-sound, high-oil-contained ordinary air compressors, and set off a wave of oil-free air compressors in the industry.

    • Tech advantage

      The company strictly follows the ISO 9001 system in terms of quality control standards in terms of complete machine design, manufacturing or testing: strict product development processes, lean production management systems, and good production and testing equipment.

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      Online promotion: three major search engines nationwide promotion, small videos are sent synchronously; offline promotion: resource integration, offline telephone promotion; Cantonese Elite: provides a platform for dealers and OEMs to guide customers to visit and guide; exhibition promotion: inside the industry , Propaganda, supporting and agents for many exhibitions outside the industry.

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    Jempa compressor

    Jempa compressor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.is one of the influential air compressor system equipment suppliers in the industry. The applied technology basis of aerodynamics, the rigorous scientific attitude, the courage to pursue, the spirit of innovation, and the continuous introduction of new products have won the favor of domestic and foreign customers for the Jempa brand. Jempa brand always adheres to the design concept of high efficiency, energy saving, quiet and environmental protection. According to market demand, the company has continuously launched laboratory series of silent oil-free air compressors, medical series of oil-free silent air compressors, and box-type ultra-quiet oil-free air compressors. , Oil-free and water-free silent air compressor, high-pressure silent oil-free air compressor, oil-free scroll air compressor, micro-oil/oil-free screw air compressor, carbon steel/stainless steel gas storage tank, refrigerated dryer, micro Various series of specifications such as thermal/non-thermal adsorption dryers, high-efficiency precision filters, etc. Its products enjoy a certain reputation in the market. The company is equipped with a fully automated production assembly line. All assembly procedures, testing and inspection processes are completed in an assembly line to ensure that the quality of each air compressor delivered from the factory is consistent and the equipment is stable and reliable. . After years of continuous improvement, we have accumulated rich experience in product design, manufacturing, and after-sales service.

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